Capturing The New York City Tourist Consumer Market

When the entire area is considered, New York City is home to roughly twenty million people. In addition, each year, people pour into the city from many parts of the United States and places abroad. A savvy business owner can look for ways to tap into this market. Any employer should understand what tourists are looking for when they travel here. They should also look for ways to reach out to potential clients and draw them in. A business owner who knows what tourist want and need as they come here may be looking at perhaps hundreds of thousands of clients. Doing so can help them get their business off the ground and see it be as successful as possible. It helps to understand the various areas of tourism in New York City as well as the varied tourist seasons. Understand where people come and when they come allows any business owner to create an effective marketing strategy.


Creating a Marketing Strategy


An effective marketing strategy to reach out to the tourist market should be about meeting the needs of tourists. Many tourists want several things. They want to enjoy the city’s food. They need protection from the area’s four season climate. This means rain and snow protection during the fall and winter. It also means protection from the heat and humidity. Tourists are also looking to buy items that remind them of their stay here. Many prize items that clearly call to mind a delightful vacation to midtown and then side trips to other parts of the region as well. An effective marketing strategy will concentrate on on learning what travels are searching for as they walk the streets of the city. Keeping in mind other factors such as income and ethic background can also help with this goal.


Tourist Attractions


Certain parts of the area tend to see more tourists than others. Many people stick to an area that extends in all directions that is starts at Central Park and goes to about Soho. Others are more adventurous. They may visit The Bronx to see The Bronx Zoo, take the subway down to Coney Island and head out to Queens or Long Island. Most tourists, however, stick to some of the best know New York attractions. A tourist may spend several days touring Chinatown, heading up the Empire State Building, climbing the stairs of the Statue of Liberty and exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center on foot. This is where the greatest numbers of foreign nationals can be found in the entire area. It’s a good idea to target this area in order to order to reach the greatest number of possible clients.


Seasonal Events


Another important consideration is timing. While New York City is a year round destination, there are times of the year when more people tend to visit. For example, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are particularly important in New York for many people. During this time, stores have special displays that may even attract national attention. Business owners can take advantage of huge crowds that spill over from places like Fifth Avenue during this time of year. Many people want to be in town to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Other times also see a surge in popularity. On Independence Day, people head to Manhattan to watch world class fireworks displays. They also come to the city to see Manhattan’s famous Thanksgiving Day parade in person and watch as enormous balloons pass overhead. Effective marketing can play to this kind of tourist market with the right kind of products.

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